Thanks to our great efforts and know-how we have gained recognition and congratulations from customers and cosmetic authorities. They all appreciate the efficacy of ACHROMIN products, for each speak several valuable awards:

2008 - Gold medal form the International Spring Fair 2008 for the new products from the ACHROMIN skin whitening line

2008 - The ‘Bulgarian Rose’ Award 2008 from the Bulgarian National Association Essential Oils, Perfumery and cosmetics for the overall operations of the company and creation of new innovative products.

1894 - Bronze medal at the International Fair in Antwerp

1892 - Gold medal form the International Fair 1892 for skin whitening cream ACHROMIN

1868 - Gold medal form the International Fair 1868 for skin whitening cream ACHROMIN

We are heroes for each other and believe in the success of what we do. We believe that the real success - it is not nothing but a chance to live and work, guided by the truth, adhering to the values ​​that reveal the best in all of us, the best in our clients and partners, the best in all that surrounds us.

For us all the prizes and wards are valuable, because behind them stand around 50 years innumerous surveys, studies and love for our customers!

for us the biggest prize is


skin whitening cream ACHROMIN

SINCE 1965
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